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Beedie is a hungry mafucka. This is someone who has clearly been a part of hip hop for the majority of his life, obviously immersed quite deeply in the culture, and his talent is exhibited quite nicely on “Sleeping In”. A short mixtape, only 48 minutes, this project is a tiny look into the mind of this MC, and certainly leaves the listener wanting more from someone who is doing a great job at paying his dues.

This album starts with really two introduction tracks, “Everyday” and “Good Morning”, the former delivering a simple beat, with a hot sample, while the latter is a little more complex and lyrically is a step up. “Grown Shit”, a track previously heard on the “Walking on a Dream” mixtape, still holds up on this, it’s good enough that you don’t skip it even if you’ve heard it before. Other highlights include “Hallelujah”, with an uptempo 80s electro style beat that Beedie tears apart, although the hook could have been a little better to solidify the track, and “Guess Who’s Back”, where Beedie straight up blacks out over the beat, which while it’s all over the place, still works perfectly as a celebratory track. The only complaint I have about this track is that it’s too short, and that’s a good complaint to have. The other major success on this tape is “A Place For Us”, with lush production and a guest verse from Vintage Radio who wakes up anyone who might be sleeping as he KILLED this track. “Drugs” is a good conceptual joint with a solid beat and an often-used-but-always-welcome sample, and “Hip Hop Like That” is that straight up hip hop shit, with slick verses and a nice hook which makes for an all around solid track.

This album certainly shows promise but also shows that Beedie has a lot of growing to do. He seems unfocused at times, especially during verses that seem to have concepts but end up going off on a series of hip hop clichés. “The Love Movement” feels more like a throwaway mixtape track with its one verse and call outs at the end. And on the Jake One-jacked “Fly Pt. 2”, Beedie fails to live up to the De La verse we initially got over that beat. Beedie shows immense potential with his flow and wordplay, his new step is to stay on topic.

“Sleeping In” is a good introduction to Beedie if you haven’t heard him before and even the casual listener will get hype off the re-used beats like “Supa Star Freestyle”, which takes a Primo classic that is almost impossible to fuck up, and delivers 3 solid verses, with Franchise being the highlight and Beedie wrapping it up nicely.  There is definitely a Brooklyn influence to Beedie’s style, which is only reinforced by the multiple Biggie and Jay-Z references. This kid definitely is on the come up and I’d certainly suggest checking out more of what he has to offer, as his passion and flow alone make him someone who shouldn’t be fucked with. He got enormous potential, and this album is a good collection of tracks showing off that potential.  3/5

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