Varsity Squad Debuts at Meth & Red Show

Newly formed super group Varsity Squad consists of Jon Quest, Beedie and producer Shade Cobain. They had the honor of opening for Method Man & Redman show 8/17/10 at Altar Bar. I asked them how they felt about the experience, check out their responses below. Look out for their mixtape coming soon!

l to r. Shade Cobain, SMI, Beedie, Gene Stovall, Jon Quest,

Rory Webb, Divine Seven, Nitti

“First of all big shoutout to Team Stovall, Rory Webb, Kid A, DJ Vex, SMI, and my Varsity Squad fam! The show was like a dream come true. Since I was a teen, I would listen to Red and Meth. HEAVY!!! And just to be opening up for them was a dream come true. We reached a whole new audience with that show also! One of the best experiences in my lifetime to date.”  -Shade Cobain

“To say it was an honor to perform in the same building as legends like Method Man & Redman is an understatement. Considering both are influences of mine i feel like i got to kill 2 birds with one stone by not only witnessing a great show from them, but by also being a part of it myself. Much love to Jon Quest, SMI, Beedie, Vex and the homie Shade Cobain for bringing it up there and a special shout to Gene Stovall for orchestrating such a “Triumph-esque” moment with all of us. Salute to Altar Bar, Drusky Ent and Pittsburgh for a great night!!!” -Kid A

“It’s unreal to me what just went down on Tuesday night. Growing up listening to Method Man and Redman and then to be able to share the stage with them and my people and ACTUALLY MEET THEM AFTERWARDS. It was crazy and i wish we could re live that night again but it’s only the beginning in my eyes for many more nights like that. That night was classic from beginning to the end. Shout out to the people who support us, Team Stovall, Rory Webb, Kid A, Vex, Smi and my family ….Varsity Squad. Get use to the name.” -Jon Quest

“The show was a great experience and I’m thankful I got the opportunity to share the stage with not just 2 hip-hop legends, but 2 of my favorite and most influential artists of all time. I felt great about our performance & think the reaction was very positive, and it was terrific exposure reaching many who never had the chance to hear our music before. Many people approached us and complimented our performance. It was also cool to chop it up & smoke with Redman and Method Man. Altar did a great job throwing the event, props to Drusky Ent for bringing real hip-hop into our city, big shouts to Rory and Team Gene for making this all possible, and thanks especially to for covering the event! Beedie out.” -Beedie

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