A3C Hip Hop Festival Underway in Atlanta

The A3C Hip Hop Festival kicked off yesterday in Atlanta. Shout out to the local representatives that made the trip:Varsity Squad, B.Keyes, Fab5, DJ Chevy, Mac Miller and more! Fab5 is hosting an event tonight.

Varsity Squad

“Being at the A3C festival has been a wild experience so far. We had to leave for the airport at 4 am on Wednesday night/Thursday morning, and we’re still not even running on a full night’s sleep. It caught me off guard how many people actually recognized us once we entered the event, and those who don’t know us seem to have an open mind to Pittsburgh hip-hop. There’s so much to do & so many people to meet left and right. It’s crazy to me that there’s still 48+ hours of this left, but we’re loving every moment.” -Beedie (Varsity Squad).

Varsity Squad performs at the festival on Saturday. Photo courtesy of William Feagins Jr of High Impact Multimedia who is currently a resident of Atlanta but originally from Pittsburgh. He also had the opportunity to film some interviews for DJ Booth, we will be looking forward to seeing those.

Check out this video by DJ Chevy of DJ Evil D spinning in the opening festivities.

For complete ongoing coverage check out the event’s official website.

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