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People tend to overlook the impact time has on one’s perception of life. Just a few days can change your entire interpretation of things around you given the right circumstances. So think about what a few months or even years could do? For instance, when I met the man born Brian Green in front of the Shadow Lounge in the summer of 2008, I was visiting from Toronto and on the path to being engaged, while he was part of the premier of the East End Empire’s dynamic duo, The Illspoken with Mac Miller then known as EZ Mac. Fast forward to fall 2010. The East End Empire has blanketed the city, The Illspoken is no more, Mac Miller is on his cusp of stardom and Beedie is now one third of the Pittsburgh super group Varsity Squad with Johnny Quest and Shade Cobain. Things are looking on the up and up for the young wordsmith, or are they? Let’s find out.

Peace and blessings, mon ami. This has been long over due, how you living right now?

Beedie: I’m living beautifully, thankful for everything that’s been happening. Happy to see my music taking off to where it is now, and excited to continue along the journey. Blessed.

Yeh, your music is moving; enough to put you on every one’s radar now. You made “The List”, and it still has a lot of Carl Thomas ass dudes with bitter tastes in their mouths. What do you have to say about the opposition of your name being mentioned?

Beedie: I didn’t even hear all that noise to tell you the truth, I usually end up tuning out the nonsense. Not everybody can be the total package. There are a whole lot of talented artists in the scene and therefore I appreciate the mention. People are entitled to their opinions. A wise man once told me that success will breed haters. But if you don’t know how I get down, ask about me. You shouldn’t have to look too far.

The immediate future is is Varsity Squad. Is VS together for just one project or is this something you guys will be pushing forth from now on?

Beedie: Varsity Squad is a group/crew that we formed after years of grinding. The city is on its way to the top of the hill and we wanted to make something new and refreshing for the masses. Me and Jon Quest had already put the idea in the air about doing a collaborative project and when we linked up with Shade Cobain it was a wrap. Check the blogs, they’re saying the chemistry is there. You will be hearing from Varsity Squad for a very long time to come.

l to r. Shade Cobain, Jon Quest, Beedie

I now have to ask, what’s up with The Ill Spoken?

Beedie: Mac Miller and myself grew up together, so that is and always will be my family right there. In 2008, when we released our “How High” mixtape, neither of us quite knew what we were doing yet; we were purely having fun. We put ourselves out there to the internet blogs (before most people had caught onto this trend, mind you) and were getting a great response; reaching internationally before we even had the respect of our city behind us. While we were selling iTunes copies in Australia, China, the Middle-East, and so-forth, Pittsburgh still saw us as these 2 white-boy nobodies who could maybe rap a little. That was a long time ago and it’s safe to say we’ve both grown a lot as artists since then. I’m just excited to see what the future has in store.

Until I really listened, I admittedly was part of that naysayer crowd. The two of you are still under the same umbrella, wha gwan with the East End Empire?

Beedie: The East End Empire is a crew that was formed in order to unify talent and create enough noise that you couldn’t ignore us anymore – did it work? We’ve all been putting in work non-stop and everybody is beginning to grow into their own niches. I’m happy to see everything is seeming to fall into place. These are some of the dopest, most artistic, and most lyrical cats I’ve heard period, and every single member of the East End Empire has been a big influence to me musically. I know that goes full circle because we feed off each others energy and have consistently made enough quality music to fill your ears for a while to come. But regardless of the name, we all still here, Varsity Squad, Most Dope, The 58′s, that’s just the next level.

What can we expect with Varsity Squad? You and Quest have a real similar lane which no doubt leads to great chemistry, but is it just gonna be lyrics over dope beats?

Beedie: You can expect a well-rounded, conceptual album full of surprises and musical genius. I’m really excited to be working with Shade and Quest because we create a very interesting lane when we join forces. We’ve been really trying to create a solid project and so far its turning out great. And we have a few hidden tricks up our sleeves as well.

If you ask me? Hip hop is missing out on surprises. I hate surprises. Eliminate some of the stress, what’s coming up until the VS album drops?

Beedie: I have a couple music videos in the works with Rex Arrow Films, one of which was just released and can be viewed below. I’ve also linked with DJ Vex to create “The Beat Bully Mixtape”, which will be released this fall. Even though I dropped the “Most Slept On” and “Sleeping In” mixtapes both only in the last 12 months, I know my fans and supporters are still hungry for more. So I feel it’s only right to give them some quality mixtape music before we hit them with this Varsity Squad album. Expect some surprises!

Define competition.

Beedie: Competition to me is somebody standing in the way of accomplishing my goals or dreams. It’s the people who are after the same goals or dreams that I’m after. But it’s not these so-called little league rappers though.

Let’s talk about me. I like me, they don’t, but you know me. Am I a biased asshole? Be honest.

Beedie: Biased? Don’t think so. Asshole? Lol…Well, you can tend to be more opinionated than some or most. But to each they own! Sike you’re an asshole kid!

My man! Random question, I never fucked with the Beastie Boys, did you?

Beedie: Absolutely! Still do. There were other artists who may have been more influential for me, but I definitely rocked with the Beasties.

Take it how you will but I expected that answer. Like the Beasties, is the ultimate goal a record deal for you? What exactly is it you want to accomplish and establish with your name?

Beedie: The ultimate goal for me, is to be living somewhere between comfortably and lavishly, doing what I love to do most: Making music. Having a record deal helps with all of the outlets involved in this. I want to tour, be a household name in hip-hop, and release the music that I want to make. And I never want it to end! But truthfully all I need is my fans continuing giving me the incredible support that they do, because none of that is possible without them!

Final question. Are you 100% content with where your career is now?

Beedie: Truthfully, I will never be 100% content with my career and that is because there’s no time for breaks if you want to stay relevant in this age. The minute I become content is the minute I’m not jumping at the next opportunity, and that’s just not a part of my personality to stop the train from moving. They could hand me a Grammy in 10 years and I will still be hungry for more.

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