DJ Goodnight Announces His Birthday Bash and the Pittsburgh Hip Hop Hall of Fame

DJ Goodnight and Paradise Gray

DJ Goodnight Birthday Bash…A Hip Hop Event…A Black & White Party

On Saturday November 24th Pittsburgh Hip Hop History is going down in Sewickley 1st DJ Goodnight will turn 43, who said Hip Hop is a Young Mans game? Not if you’re running things.

Celebrating 15 years of supporting Pittsburgh Hip-Hop, DJ Goodnight has reached out to all his favorite Pittsburgh Hip Hop Artist for one gigantic show. The second thing will be the release of the DJ Goodnight Radio Show Mixtape dropping Nov. 24th to celebrate The DJ Goodnight Show on WRCT 88.3 FM featuring 2Gzz, P-Vicous, K-Pound, Joey Fattz, Statement Records, Double A-B, Harley Dyse, Human Hustle Ent., Justice Street Poets, Big Lyfe & Fast Money, Sinate Sound, Nesia Beatz, Tay Loc, Young Casino, Bolo, WuLords and Squad Life.

The event is an all ages show that will feature music and fashion with a theme of Black and White. Anyone dressed in black and white will receive $5 off admission at the door. The theme was chosen because we have invited the Center for Race and Gender Equity – YWCA Greater Pittsburgh and University of Pittsburgh Center on Race and Social Problems to speak and promote the center. Everyone has dealt with racism on one side or another in Pittsburgh and Hip Hop is a culture that is inclusive of everyone and should be used for that reason. Hip Hop is about to turn 40 years old in 2013 from 1973 to 2013. It’s about time we start doing things that are pushing the culture forward. DJ Goodnight has worked with the youth through the CEA Hip Hop Academy and they started the Pittsburgh Hip Hop Coalition to help organize the culture.

Now its time we pay homage to the History or Pittsburgh Hip Hop. We are gonna do that by honoring some of the Fore Fathers in Pittsburgh Hip-Hop with the Pittsburgh Hip Hop Hall of Fame. We will be inducting 15 people into the first class that include. Mista Scrap, Boka, Lee Davis, Black Steel, 2 Brother Deep, Tuffy Tuff, 2GZZ, Nina Ross, Dwayne Muhammad, DJ Goodnight, Brick, 2 Kraze, Dicc Labow, Hollyhood. These people have been consistently doing big things in Pittsburgh Hip Hop for at least 15 years.

We are trying to bring together Pittsburgh Hip Hop history with the present, because a lot of people put in work so that Pittsburgh Hip Hop could be where it is now. For more information please contact DJ Goodnight @ 412 874-4582

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19 thoughts on “DJ Goodnight Announces His Birthday Bash and the Pittsburgh Hip Hop Hall of Fame

  1. Look I picked the List and I know that there are people who came before those that are being mentioned on this list but we have to start somewhere and right now in Pittsburgh these people who have been consistantly doing things to move the culture will be honored. With that foundation we can collectively discuss who should be honored and how to honor them. We all know our Pittsburgh Hip Hop History, but we are honoring people who have been and are still doing things to move the culture in Pittsburgh Further. Anyone who wants to be involved pls contact me the more the people involved the better the event will be. Again the list was chosen by me and I acknowledge that other people came before those listed. We plan to honor those people but this class was chosen for a reason.

  2. so my answer to this is whta have you done for me lately. the people mentioned as far as mell man and blacc czar, and etc honestly I think thi sis about those who have been and still are doing, everyone gets a rowd up over list and what not, but hey even myself , but its a true example of if we wasnt so seperated as aw hole alot would not go un mnetioned, congrats to all the inductees, lets keep the ball rolling!

  3. Sup Meg…I haven't heard half the people on the list except for FB. I'm sure they all have some sort of piece to do with the history of Hip-Hop in the Burgh. However, it goes back farther than that…AND…Philadelphia Dj's sculpted the framework of how to actually throw a 'real party'. The culture traveled from NY to Philly then to the Burgh, BUT….what I used to call 'general population' OR…people outside of the culture of the colleges, werent on the same level. MC's, DJ's and sound systems. I whooped everyones ass and was from Johnstown originally? LMAO. Thank you Mel Plowden. If it weren't for him, there wouldn't have been Rap Radio at all. Congratulations to the first class, and for anyone who needs to know…DJ Double KK is the keeper of documentation before 87. He has audio and video of a lot of events, concerts, etc. Even of myself.

  4. ? No Mel-Man, Double KK, Loveletter, Emmai Alaquiva, Akil Esoon, Dj Supa C, Dj Selecta, Usef Dinero a.k.a. Joe Money, Dj SeanSki. I thought 87-94 was a heck of a run. No commercial radio support forced me to be adopted by King Britt and the Philadelphia Dj movement. Should I have stayed for nothing? WPTS and WRCT was cool though, but damn. I didn't hear a peep from a lot of people mentioned back that far. No disrespect, just sayin though. Who is keeping this so-called history? I remember who was on the radio and opening for major acts in those days, and having 'local' records…..HHHMMMMM….

    • The epicenter of the Hip-Hop culture in the Burgh was Pitt. Grandmaster Hank and the Punk Funk Nation Dj's and Mc's brought the culture to a high level form NY to Philly and then to the Burgh. 'General Population', or people outside of the college culture werent on the same level. The art of Djing, MC's and massive sound systems wasnt the same in the streets as is was at the colleges. If it werent for Mel Plowden, there wouldnt have been Rap Radio, which was our mainstay and direct outlet for the culture to somehow reach the streets with that weak ass signal at WPTS. LOL. Just like KRS ONE said…"I was there". Dj Double KK, has plenty of documentation. Audio, video, and pictures of concerts, radio shows etc., that goes back before 1987…

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